AttributeConfiguration class definition differs from examples attribute v attr

The AttributeConfiguration class is defined with a field attr in doc at Zigbee Driver Structures — SmartThings Edge Device Drivers documentation
however, the examples in the doc (see below) and the examples in github both use attribute.
Which is correct?

from doc
cluster_configurations = {
[capabilities.switch.ID] = {
cluster = zcl_clusters.OnOff.ID,
attribute = zcl_clusters.OnOff.attributes.OnOff.ID,
minimum_interval = 0,
maximum_interval = 300,
data_type = data_types.Boolean
[capabilities.switchLevel.ID] = {
cluster = zcl_clusters.Level.ID,
attribute = zcl_clusters.Level.attributes.CurrentLevel.ID,
minimum_interval = 1,
maximum_interval = 3600,
data_type = data_types.Uint8,
reportable_change = 1

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Thank you for bringing this up! I already asked the team for more information about this. Once they provide more info, I’ll let you know.

Hi, @dii.s
Following up on your question, the team mentioned the correct reference is “attribute”, not “attr”.
I already created a report for them to help us update the documentation.
Thanks again :smiley: