ATTENTION- SmartThings Support

As you can see by the number of reports, that the last update to both IOS and Android have broken WiFi devices. Sofar WeMo and iHome are affected. I truly am not sure if it is something on your servers or the update. I am also on the Beta of the Super LAN Connect and the HUB firmware Beta. Others are not on these Betas.

SmartThings support doesn’t officially monitor these forums. The best thing people can do is just to open a support ticket for any specific problem that they have. You can mention that you seen other people with the same issue in the forums, but a forum post itself won’t get any attention.


I know it isn’t official, but when my GitHub integration was erased, support took control and fixed it as well as a nuber of others. I do have a support ticket in, just thought I would consolidate it.

I’m a dev here at ST, not a support agent :slight_smile:


I stand corrected, Do you have any ideas what is going on with LAN devices since the update?

I’m not exactly sure, LAN interaction is a little outside of my domain of knowledge unfortunately