ATT BGW320 Modem Connection

Hello. I had to replace mu old Att modem and received the BGW320. I had my v3 hub connected to my old modem as such; modem, linksys re9000 router, v3 hub. worked fine. i disconnected it all. now im trying to connect the hub direct to the new modem. it connects, i see it as β€œon” in the device list. but i get the steady blue light. Ive tried resetting, i did a factory reset, i opened the suggested ports on the modem, i even tried adding the linksys back in. no luck, its been 2 days. ATT service couldnt help, smartthings service couldnt help. I tried to set its IP up as passthrough. i tried setting it as a static IP, then also trying that as passthrough. i got the linksys to reach the internet, so i know i can connect via ethernet.
im just hoping to get it set so i can connect it via wifi to the new modem, but to do so i have to set it up via lan.

any ideas?


did you try switching from Ethernet to wifi with the ST hub or vice versa?

not sure I would have suggested resetting the hub and wiping out everything. ouch!

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