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Atmos New hub/tablet?

(llcanada) #1

Atmos Control Is Available for Pre-Order. Does anyone know anything about this company suppose to work with Smart things and other hubs? Just wondering if it was local or cloud control etc. It looks like it a Tablet and at 299.00 seems expensive.

(jkp) #2

(llcanada) #3

@jkp Thanks for the video. It seems to work ok and there is a 50 dollars off for pre-order.I might take the offer.

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #4
  1. How do you know “it works OK”? You actually trust a staged 4 minute demo as sufficient evidence?

  2. What’s the rush? You save $50, but have no idea when it will be delivered. I’m betting it will be months later than promised, but who knows… Except: It will most definitely have serious bugs, stability, and integration issues at the time of delivery (which will drive you crazy).

Unless you enjoy debugging, I presume your hours of wasted time are worth far more than the $50 savings you are being offered. And you’re being offered that in exchange for spending your money now - only to have to fight to get it back when they don’t deliver or deliver a device that is far below your expectations.

I really, really don’t understand why “pre-ordering” is so compelling. I guess gadget consumers are impulsive?


Terry, your negative comments towards this outfit are starting to show for what they are.

How about we let the product come out then bash it if it doesn’t deliver?

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #6

Not sure I understand what you’re saying; but in this case, I’m actually just inquiring of @llcanada to try to understand their blind faith in this company and product.

I like predicting business successes and failures, specifically crowd-funding and pre-orders. Not for the sake of the business failing, but to test my own abilities.

I post these predictions publicly for multiple reasons:

  1. I want my prediction on the record.

  2. I’m fishing for additional information that may change my prediction. In this case, the post threads revealed an actual “live demo” (4 minutes) in the form of a presentation to CNET from CES.

  3. I’m giving fair warning to potential pre-order customers of the product. Something that the company will not do: i.e., the company does not imply there is substantial risk in crowd-funding and/or pre-ordering (with pre-payment). I have seen hundreds and hundreds of disappointed IndieGogo and Kickstarter funders who are livid with late deliveries and failed products. If I can save a few of these consumers some grief or money; then I feel I have made a valuable contribution to the Community.

As it stands, I don’t understand why anyone would “pre-order” this product and I strongly advise against it. If folks want to present a counter argument, they are welcome to.

I stand behind my assertion that I firmly believe this product will disappoint. You’re welcome to mute me if you don’t want to read it.

Because then it will be too late for the folks who naively pre-order this (and well, it is already too late for the hundred or so who contributed to the crowd-equity funding round).

(llcanada) #7

@tgauchat I understand what you are saying and I appreciate your honest answer . Yes I have been burn numerous times on Kickstarter etc. where they have not deliver anything. Thanks for you reply.

(Dean Gebert) #8

Hello all. I’d like to chime in here, please.

Yes, Atmos hit some speedbumps that slowed us down this summer, but we flattened them and now we’re moving (quickly) in the right direction. We also raised a strategic seed round of $1M from Luminance Brands and started adding to the team.

Thanks for considering us, @llcanada. I’m happy to answer any questions you have.

And @tgauchat, I’d like to personally buy an AtmosControl for you. The only thing I ask is that you give it an honest review here. If it’s a bad review, so be it. We can handle it, as long as it’s honest.

Before I sign off, I think it would have been easy to throw in the towel and point to the speedbumps as the reason. A large number of crowdfunding startups do. But Mark and Chris keep slogging through the grind. And we’re going to keep working hard/smart, to earn comments like these…

Thank you for listening/reading. :slight_smile:

(Dean Gebert) #9

PS – @llcanada, the cloud vs. local depends on the API we get from the device’s manufacturer, so we can do either. And if you’re unsure what an API is or does, think of it like a bridge between 2 pieces of software that lets them pass packages of data back and forth.

PPS – And we’re still honoring our commitments to our crowdfunding contributors. They’ve been gracious and supportive, while we found our sea legs.

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #10

Very pleased to meet you Dean (@strawmann), and I really appreciate your professional response to my blunt critique and cynicism.

I’ve been burned by a few Kickstarters and I also have been very successful at predicting failed or highly delayed campaigns as well. Unfortunately, I also risked my reputation by being listed an “integration specialist” to the FlipFlic project, which has now folded after 2 years delays. I was rather direct with my concerns about their optimistic (6 month-ish) delivery ETAs, but their leadership insisted that they were confident of the date. And I also pointed out potential design flaws; and again I was correct, as these turned into major setbacks for them, retooling, etc…

In other words, I have a good track record of predicting issues with pre-launch gadgets, but I honestly love to be proven wrong. I frequently express that I hope a project will be a tremendous success and a great asset to consumers … eventually, yet - I am constantly frustrated with overly ambitious “version 1’s”, and the ubiquitous overly confident “delivery ETAs” (which project creators deliberately or subconsciously use to make their campaign more attractive!). Early adopters are obviously valuable to a startup’s success - provides some funding, proof of viability (which is needed to obtain venture investors and partners), and real-world customer feedback / bug shakeout.

But there’s no denying that most pre-purchase customers are naive about the risks and are blinded by the glorious demos and discounts. Pre-purchases should come with warning labels like vape marketing. :man_shrugging:.

That’s a very generous offer and I absolutely agree to be thorough and honest. I certainly have expertise in this product category (though I ought to try to get the same offer from Brilliant, since I think a compare & contrast review would be great context!).

Cheers, Dean: Congratulations on your funding round from a “great-fit” partner (Luminance), and for your excellent showing at CES!

(llcanada) #11

@tgauchat nice going. I was hoping just to get honest feedback and it looks good so far and nice going on getting a free one at this point I will wait for you review. Thanks