AT&T digital life piston issue [Home Cloud Hub]

Hi All,

I’ve had this piston running for a while and it’s been flawless. Basically the piston turns off my digital life alarm only during certain times when motion is detected and the digital life system is greater than 0. (Basically the device type has 3 levels I think 0 = off 1 = armed stay, 2 = armed away.)

The dimmer device (which is used to represent the armed level of digital life) showed disarmed in smartThings, and Digital life showed disarmed, but the piston kept sending disarm commands every time motion was detected. Almost like the device was > 0.

Has anyone else seen pistons acting odd today?


If you don’t get feedback is because…we have moved from the CoRE category…

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I have not experienced any issues today and I use DL too. I am using the away(), stay() and off() commands though. Let me know if the problem persists as I can offer support for both the DL integration and webCoRE.


Joe, I think the problem occurs when AT&T has some down time - it appears that the link gets dropped and you stop receiving updates from AT&T. They use long persistent http requests to send events to ST. Please open the HCH app and go through the setup again - just next next next really. Then the DL should start updating again and the piston will see the correct values and stop sending those commands.

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I did that yesterday and it still happens. Are you disabling DL with a piston? I am fine with changing my piston if you can share what I need to do.

Not sure to be honest - I think I have the DL integration synchronize the SHM… I will have to look.

I also notice the device shows disabled in SmartThings, but the piston keeps running every time there is motion between the time specified

Disabled? Not sure I understand.

Ok so I do have DL sync up with SHM so I only control SHM and that takes care of DL. And I still have a CoRE piston that controls all the lights and what not when SHM changes. Too busy working on webCoRE to actually use it looooool. I still have some 20 CoRE pistons, shame me :wink:

Sorry. I mean the Digital Life System Device shows home and the piston still runs

I was using SHM but SHM was unreliable because well… its SHM and thats how it was in the past.

After looking at my devices, I see that the level is set to 1 but the Device shows Home and my alarm is disabled. After setting the alarm in the Digital Life System device the piston is working again.

The interesting thing is the device Showed “Home” in the status tile and the Available options in the device were “Home” and “Away” . After I set the alarm Manually and then had my piston disable the alarm the options are now “Stay” and “Away” with “Home” in the status tile.

What would cause the Device to be out of sorts like that. It’s like it was disabled but not in the correct state.

I’m not sure, but it looks like a typical out-of-sync situation where an event was missed and level was set to something not matching the actual status - there is a status attribute as well. I’d call this as an odd one off, but keep an eye on it reoccurring.