Asus RT-AC68P + freedompop failover help

So I am currently using Smartthings as my home security device (monitored by Scout). The one major drawback is that if I loose internet or if it gets cut, there is no-way for Scout to monitor what is going on with my smartthings Hub.
So I was looking into a cellular back-up and came across Freedompop which allows 500megs for free a month.
With my Asus Router (RT-AC68P) there is an option for dual WAN and to allow one of them to be a failover (which would be the freedompop service)
The question I have is how can I tell the router to only allow one ethernet port on the failover?
Does anyone have experience with this router?
it seems like its all or nothing and i really do not want to have every device i own eating up that data, just my smarthub.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I think a VLAN is what you need. Put your hub and freedompop thing on a separate VLAN from the rest of your network. I’m no network expert but I know VLAN’s are for segregating network traffic. I just havnt implemented one before.

I do not want the hub to run on FreedomPop 24/7 due to such a small amount
of data they give, only for if/when my main provider drops. They switch
back once it’s up again.
Will VLAN allow that?

No, but the vlan would keep the rest of your network data off the freedompop. You would need another process for the failover. You’d have the ST gateway on both VLANs, one for each WAN connection. You’ll need to configure the router to do the fail over. Not all routers can do this. I’m just pointing you in the direction you need to investigate. I’m no network engineer.

Thank you for the suggestions and help I will definitely look into VLAN as
an option.

I am an network engineer. :slight_smile:

VLAN may work but only if you can setup the router to route between the vlan’s, not sure an ASUS without DD-WRT on it can do that.

If the router doesn’t have a native dual-WAN capability, you can setup the freedompop as a second gateway. If the Asus doesn’t see your gateway hop for the normal link, it would move traffic to the freedompop and you’d have to filter it with the firewall to only limit the freedompop mac/ip to talk to the ST hub mac/ip.

Again, not sure if the Asus allows this.

A more robust software firewall such as pfSense/monowall, or custom firmware like DD-WRT/Tomato would allow this much easier.

Most consumer routers are just crap for this kind of thing, though you can get some lower cost routers that have native dual-WAN support, some of Netgear’s business class devices for example.

Also, in this case particularly, having a dedicated router is a boon, then just leave your Asus as an AP for wireless. It’s the theory of all-in-one’s vs components, the latter being the cheaper and more flexible option in the long run. Get a really good router, never both replacing it, as you just upgrade your wireless AP device whenever standards change.

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