Asus MeMO Pad not compatible with ST app?!?!?

I finally finished building my new home and I am trying to setup Android tablets as touchscreen devices. I was able to purchase 2 Asus MeMO with Android 4.1 for less than $30 each. When I try to load the ST app on the tablets it says it is not compatible. I am trying to figure out why. It’s not an Android 4.1 issue since I was using a phone that had Android 4.1 that works fine. Anyone else experience this issue? I’d side load the app if I could get the APK. The tablets are perfect and even come with a snap on back that could be attached to the wall for a clean mount.

That seems odd… have you contacted support? I’ve got it running on Nexus 7 tablets with 4.2 or higher. I’ve also run in on a phone with 4.0.4, but I don’t think it’s version number. What side is the screen on on the MeMO? Maybe it’s only for 7" or smaller.

Oh, and where the heck did you get for that low of price?!?

I’ve got it running on a Nexus 7 and every other Android device I have but these two. I haven’t tried support yet…I’ve been tied up. I got the tablets from It was a cyber monday deal. The tablets are not the best but for a ST touchscreen it should work great if I can get it running.

That’s odd. I have the ATT LTE MeMo 10’ and it installs and works fine on my tablet