Association settings and Fingerprints

(Antony Pugh) #1

If you have a sensor multilevel do you need to configure the associated group before the device sees the fingerprint?

I know the device should handle 0x31 but it does not show up.

It is possible the Temp sensor is not wired in correctly but I’m not sure how to prove that.

I think I am associating the group correctly. Any help and advice is appreciated.



What’s the specific brand and model of the device? And what device Handler are you using for it?

In many cases, temperature is a different endpoint and the specific device handler being used was not coded to recognize that endpoint so the reports get ignored.

(Antony Pugh) #3

It’s an horstmann SIR321

I’m building my own handler at the moment.

There are only 3 main functions.

Set of a schedule
Temperature from probe

I have added fingerprints based on the raw description but 0x31 is missing and the manual states sensor multilevel is supported. This is on group 2 and is only available when the sensor is plugged in.

(Antony Pugh) #4

I have resolved this now. it looks like I did not terminate the wire fully. it was not easy to see if it was connected. This is now showing 0x31 and is now reporting temperature.

Next up how to get it to poll more frequently.