Assistance with Rule Building (MyQ)

Hi All,

Been lurking around and was hoping I could get some assistance on a “Routine”. I have 2 Routines set up"

  1. Guest Arriving (open garage door, unlock lock and turn on lights)
  2. Guest Leaving (Close Garage door, lock door and turn off lights)

–> the Arriving Routine works perfectly
–> The Leaving Routine works with the exception of closing the garage door.
I figure it has something to do with the MyQ integration, but when I go into the Garage Door Toggle, I am able to open and close it individually.

Any ideas?
I feel like there is something I am misunderstanding with the way the sensors work, so this would definitely help broaden my understanding of how it all connects in the cloud.

Thanks in advance

hoping for some help :slight_smile: