Assign one deive to multiple rooms (groups)

It’s my understanding that this currently can’t be done. But I frequently find it would be useful to have this option.

As an example: I just installed several more Keen vents. I have them assign to rooms, eg. Dining Room, Family Room, etc. It would be very convenient to also assign them to Upstairs Vents and Downstairs vents.


This can be done in ActionTiles ($23.99, free trial) add-on web based dashboard control Panel creator.

A Thing (and multiple different Attributes of a Thing such as a Motion Tile and a Temperature Tile) can appear on as many Panels as you wish (even multiple times on the same Panel if you wish to group things together on one webpage).

I have ActionTiles and like it a lot. However, this would also be a useful feature in the ST mobile app.

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I agree.

There’s some useful features like this that were fundamentally baked into ActionTiles from our first design meeting. Other ideas we’re still discovering from customers and fans on our Feedback Forum.