“Asset Was Not Found” error in SmartThings app

Hi All. Have bought a washing machine (WW90T684DLN) and tumble dryer (DV90T6240LN) recently. Have successfully connected both in the ST app and the tumble dryer functions work perfectly. However, when connecting to the washing machine, I get to the main screen where you can see cycle lists, my favourites etc. yet I keep getting an “asset was not found” error. When trying to access Laundry Recipes, a (very quick) “connecting to the server” message flashes up followed by “asset was not found”. It won’t let me go any further (I.e. laundry recipes does not work). I’ve tried contacting support in the UK but they’ve passed me on to Samsung Parts admin team and told me my part should be with me in 3-5 days! My thought is that the washing machine hasn’t been added to the backend database yet as it’s fairly new.

Just wondered if anybody here would be able to shed any light?

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Hi, i have the same problem with my WR25M9960K, the app shows ‘asset was not found’

I am having the same issue with my WD90T534DBW.

Did you manage to resolve this?

I also have the same problem with 2020 WD5300T.

I am having the same issue with my WD11N64FRAX.

Me too with WD90T534DBN/S1
@samsung please fix.

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@SamsungUK Same issue with WD90T534DBN/S1
Washing machine shows as ready in the smarthings home screen but then you get “Asset was not found” when you select the device and cannot control the washer.

Additionally, I gave up trying to actually add the device with an iPhone as it never actually connected to the device despite being in AP mode. I had to use my Samsung tablet to add it. I think its probably a permissions thing in the new iOS as its far more restrictive to app in the latest iOS. It still needs testing as part of your release process (SDLC) Very poor!!!


Did anyone get an answer on this for iPhone? We have just purchased WD5300T but cannot get the laundry recipe up.

Has anyone had any response at all for this? From Samsung or SmartThings? I have spent countless hours chasing ‘Support’ and got no where. Frustrating considering the price of the appliance the poor level of support you receive.


Same issue with WD90T534DBN/S1

Core functions are working ( send programs to machine, start the machine remotely, smart remote control, edit programs, create custom cycles) but laundry receipt is not working and the asset error message always comes up!

Please investigate and fix!

+1 same problem

Same problem here.

Same here. Please fix asap as we cannot use correctly the washer.


Same problem. Has anyone found a fix?

Same here…brand new WD90T754ABT/S2 and can’t use the washing recipe too. Also the error ‘Asset Was Not Found’…

Same goes for WD95T634CBH. Quite annoying that you can’t use the Laundy Recipes or Planner…