Aspire Cooper RF9500 Device Type (basic DTH in post 6)

yes I am using the device type with all buttons but there is a stock 9500 device type…
I finally got it working… I had to do more than just touch the button. I also had to hit button 1 a bunch of times… It joined as a general device( didn’t find the device type). I have have 3 different smart light apps for on/off 10% 30% 60% 80% with buttons 123 pushed and held…

Does anyone know of an actual smart app that goes up and down dimming smoothly with a button held…

I am not sure what button 4 is It doesn’t seem to work.

The tapping is just to keep it awake while the configure takes. You have to do that with a lot of battery operated devices.

As far as smooth dimming, to the best of my knowledge you can only get that if you’re using the device as designed by IRS manufacturer and it’s associated with a Cooper master dimmer switch rather than running its commands through the SmartThings hub. You can’t get it just using a button controller Device type in SmartThings. But I’d be delighted to be wrong, so if someone knows better just let us know.

well instructions just said hit button 2… also holding it constantly or repeatedly pushing it to keep it awake did not work… had to do a combination of button 1 and 2.

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ok I had to make one change to the stock 9500 device type driver.

dim with me would not dim the lights when you slide the dimmer slider in the app.
The button stuff on the physical device worked ok but I also needed to be able to dim the group of lights and turn them on and off with the app. Smart lighting does not have a dimmer follow me type functionality as far as I could tell . So I used the dim with me smart app.
Unfort. it did not work until I added a send event for switch.setLevel (it already had one for level) in the setlevel function. If anyone needs a copy let me know… Now all the lights dim in concert with the master (the 9500 switch device)


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I’m having trouble with this same switch and dim with me… I’ve been using the stock Cooper RF9500 driver. You mind publishing your device driver code?

it wont let me push or commit to my git hub not sure why…

here is a local copy of the code… you can compare it to stock to see the slight changes

9500 device type


Finally got my Cooper switch in yesterday it was back ordered on Amazon. This worked great for my issue. My problem was that I wanted to control the lights in my guest room but since they’re plugged into outlets on the other side of the room and the switch was controlling an outlet this was the issue. So I got this wonderful device and the code from this page thank you @Lgkahn and @thegilbertchan for your work on the code for this. It now works great with the 2 bed side lights that are each plugged into their own leviton dimmable wall module. Push the button on this device and boom lights come on within 1 sec. I had a Leviton Zwave switch in the hole initially but with wired switches it could be up to 30 seconds before they decide to notify ST of a state change so this solved that problem for me perfectly and now I just need to find a new use for my now spare leviton switch.

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i added this device type using lgkahns code, but when searching for devices in smartthings, it comes up as ‘z-wave device’ not cooper rf9500. when adding this device as z-wave device, button controller doesn’t find it since it doesnt know its a button controller. any ideas?

I think that I had to change mine in the IDE over to the device type after it was added then all was happy

that worked, thanks! so how many buttons do i set up in button controller? 1/2/3/4?

dimming doesn’t seem to work (i have 9 hue white bulbs directly connected to smartthings and set up button control with this switch to turn them on/off. pressing the dimming button just turns them on off.)

also might be better if this was a momentary tile instead of a button, since sometimes the state of this button says ON when the lights are off and vice versa.

So there are actually 3 buttons on it. The main light switch button is just 1 button. Then the dimmer is 2 for up and down. So what I did to control this is I have this in my guest room and I have 2 lamps one on each side of the bed. I wanted a way that when a person would come in to have the button control the bedside lamps. So I got 2 leviton dimmer modules and stuck them in there and hooked the lamps up to those. Then I setup the button. Once all of that was done I used the DimWithMe app and configured it so that the button was the master dimmer and then the levitons were the slaves. So now when we do anything with the button the bedside lamps act accordingly. Only wish I could figure out the code to flip the buttons around since I put my switch in upside down :slight_smile:

hmm, ok, so doesn’t seem like i will be able to dim these lights then just using button controller and smartthings unless i use the dimwithme app.

i also got a phillips hue dimmer remote that works just as good and was like half the price haha.

Lol in my place I was getting rid of the wall switch but I wanted something that still looked like a switch so that was why I went with this device.

Lgkahn, I would be interested in seeing your change. Thanks!

There is a link to it in post 25 of this thread.

I’ve use the follow device type that @Lgkahn wrote (link below). I believe it is for the RF9500 switch. I have two problems.

1 - The dimmer buttons don’t seem to do anything. I can see in the logs that different messages are coming over, but the slider in the device on the iOS app doesn’t move (even after refreshing the device). It just sits at 0%.

2 - When I press the on/off button I get two events that seem to come over both on and off, see my logs below. I tried the stock app that @Lgkahn also wrote, on / off work fine but still no dimmer.

I understand that I have to pair this with an app like Dim with Me or CoRE. Either way, nothing. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Which model do you actually own?


Cooper "RF Battery Operated Switch"
Model Number: RF9500

I believe I got it working well with @Lgkahn stock device handler. Not sure why it started working all of a sudden, but still won’t work with the advanced handler.

I have a version for the RF9542-Z that I have been working on, which is based on the SDK supplied generic RF9500 device handler. The version I am working on is designed to scale better with LED lights, where the brightness level change may be indistinguishable from prior levels. So my version increments the dimmer level in linear, or exponential rates so each level is noticeably brighter than the prior, and the user can configure how many brightness levels they want. I put it on the back burner, as I was having issues with setting the level indicator on my dimmer (the 9542 is AC powered, so it has status lights). The challenge is the lack of documentation.

I had the best luck prior to my version using the stock device handler, along with Rule Machine to tie multiple LED dimmers to track the dimmer with a single rule.