Ask Alexa or Alexa Helper?

You change that on your SmartThings mobile app.

Da, thank you. Couldn’t see the forest through the woods! I changed the I’m back routine to I am back. Same result, not configured in ask Alexa app. I won’t waste anymore of your time on this one. Ask Alexa app is greatest. Really enjoy using it. Thank you for your help.


Just installed Ask Alexa. Install took a few minutes but paced correctly worked first time. Thanks for your hard work on this!

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Hi Michael,

I was hoping that you can elaborate on the setup to support two locations each with an Alexa device? You mentioned that you have two accounts, but unclear if this is two separate amazon accounts, smartthings accounts, or both?

I’m running v2 smartthings hubs at each location. I’m also planning on working through the Ask Alexa integrations, but want to insure that I have the basic configuration set up correctly before pursuing.

Many thanks in advance, Craig

For some reason I just saw this question. I have changed my situation and no longer have two location, but do know how to work in that environment. Let me know if you still need an answer to this.

Micheal, I’m good with what I have. I now have only 1 Alexa location. I use your app every day. Thank you for developing it.


Chris Hanc

No problem…enjoy!

MichaelS - I’m posting on this thread because you are on it. I’ve had 1 Smarthings hub and multiple Alexas in two separate homes that control all my Smarthings devices in both locations.

I’ve added a second hub in the second location incorrectly assuming that I’d be able to add these devices to my alexa for voice control…

I understand that I can use Alexa Helper so that I can use the devices from “location#2” on Alexa…

I need a little “how to” please!!


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