Ask Alexa and Echosistant failure

No worries…the data for the slots come from the app…if you go to Settings on the app and then Setup Variables it will give you the individual slots names and contents.

I really hate to keep pointing you toward the documentation, but all I will be doing here is simply repeating what I put in there.

I am happy, if you simply want no part of doing this, to do it for you. Just PM me…I WILL need to access to your accounts, which most people do NOT want to give out (for good reason), but this will literally take 5 minutes for me to set up. There will still be a requirement for you to understand how to maintain it going forward.

Let me know how you would like to proceed.

What is confusing me is under custom slot information I have only this in the app.

I think you may be doing things out of order…you need to really sit down and plan how you want to use your environment, and then add the devices and configure the app. Those pieces will then show up in your slots. Does that make sense?

OK, I guess I am really confused, as I did add all my devices to the app, and answered the conditions, but nothing changed.

I am going to PM you so we can work directly on your data so that others don’t get access to it.

Michael, I am trying to create a Macro, but not sure if my idea is workable. I want a Macro called “Living Room” and in it will be the following. 1. Living Room Lamp 2. Wall Unit". Now these two devices in living room can they remain in the switches group in config? And do I have to change the name of the “Living Room Lamp”? Thanks.

Ask Alexa looks at it from a group level so as long as the macro name isn’t the same as a device you are fine.

However if you are doing this with a device group macro I recommend waiting…I am deprecating the device group macro for a much more powerful feature. Be on the look out for it Friday.

So if the group is Living Room, and the device is “Living Room Lamp” it should be able to work since the names aren’t exactly the same. But I will wait for the update. Thanks.

Not quite…Ask Alexa looks at the name of the macro and not the things in it. So that is fine…However, if you ALSO add Living Room as a device in the main part of the app, the name will conflict. Hopefully that makes sense.

OK then I think I got it.

Macro Name:"Living Room"
Device . " Living Room Lamp"
Device . “Wall Unit”

In main part of the app a switch called “Living Room Lamp” is OK but a Switch called “Living Room” is no good.

Is that correct?

Correct…think of it this way…If you have multiple things named the same, there is no logic (currently) to ask you “which living room device do you mean”

Now, you MAY run into problems when one device has the other devices name in it. In your example, it MAY run the the “Living room” macro if it doesn’t hear ‘lamp’. So you could have one thing activate when you intended another. Just things to watch out for. Best practice is to have very unique names for each item and any extension/macro names.

I can try it with the way I have it, or change Living Room to Parlor as the macro name. Will wait and see what Friday brings. Thanks.

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