ARTIK used to gather Aeon Labs Smart Energy Power strip (DSC11-ZWUS) information?

I currently connect my ST hub to the ARTIK cloud so I can capture log information. I recently set up a home brewery, and plug my pumps into a Aeon Labs Smart Energy Power Strip. During brew days I can see how much energy each pump pulls (KwH). It is great I can see this, but it would be even better if I can capture this data in a log, on ARTIK.

I can see in ARTIK logs when I turn on and off the pump, so I guess I can do the math to figure out energy usage, but it would be nice that the energy info also, so I don’t manually have to do the calculations.

Regardless of how I use the power strip, can anyone suggest how I might configure this, or if it is even possible to gather this information in this manner. If there is another easier way to gather such data, please also make your suggestion.

Thank you for your help ahead of time!