Artificial Intelligence

(Ed Meredith) #1

WIth the recent acquisition of Smartthings by Samsung maybe they could get some AI into this architecture. I think Smartthings has a done a great job starting this company with the open platform. When I refer to AI I am referring to intelligence that does not require user set up or input. For instance using a Fibaro motion sensor that senses light could trigger lights to come on only when there is movement in a room and the light levels indicate that it is dark. That is really basic but I think everyone involved can think of many uses for autonomous operations to occur with no user input or set up. A system that learns how we live within the environment and makes changes and alterations based on learning our schedules. Humans are creatures of habit. That type of awareness will be very beneficial and would really enhance the wife acceptability factor as it just works kinda like the old landline phone, you pick up the receiver, you get dial tone, and you make a call, it works. Smartthings could be that ubiquitous. Looking forward to the Smartthings future especially if it includes more AI.

(Edward Pope) #2

Learning AI is a great idea. I hope that this is on the books to be done in the future. RIght now they need to work to improve reliability and the number of devices they support.