Article about August smart lock

I just read an article about Wal-Mart & August smart lock working together where Wal-Mart would deliver food items to a person’s home. The customer would generate a one time code & the items would be left in home or they could even put items in the refrigerator. Sounds funky but I don’t know about letting a stranger in my home. Not sure how they would handle the liability issues.

Want to share the link?

Ok…give me a sec.


Interesting concept. I can see a lot of controversy regarding this.

I have a few commercial customers who do this with the company I work for. They can remotely add a one time door code for us to gain access to their properties. It’s all logged down and the code expires automatically. They also have our camera systems in their buildings too so it’s not like they don’t have any record of what we do. I actually like the fact that they can see us in there. It takes away any liability issues on our end. We can just say show me the video.