Arrival Sensor Battery DeathPunch

I put a new battery this morning in my long working ST arrival sensor, and I have now put in the second today. It keeps notifying, every 10 minutes or so to all of our phones that its battery is still 13%. It is maddening.

How can I force it to re-look at the battery percentage and/or have ST give me the options on what to alert on for battery life?! Checked IDE and other haunts but cannot tell if I am doomed to remove from system…

I can email support, but 3 days from now and all ST stuff will be out the window. Perhaps the community has seen this before.

Just a tad frustrated with ST’s version of Dante’s Inferno. :slight_smile:

you could turn off battery monitoring,

and use smartapp like “Simple Device Viewer” sorted on battery status on your own manual viewing schedule.

I have not seen a new presence/arrival battery take longer than 5 minutes to update - sounds like a cloud problem, or signal problem that needs a repeater.

Where is battery monitoring turned off?

I do have simple device installed and used, so that’s been my deal. That sends me an alert once a day, which is working correctly. I didn’t know/didn’t realize ST was also monitoring battery in a configurable way. Can’t figure out where to set it.

what I was thinking of, may have been seperately installed smartapps I was using, before Simple Device Viewer.

You can turn off push notifications by by SDV anyway.