Arming/Disarming Arlo Pro with ST?

Hello Guys and Gals!

As probably you all know, the geofencing mode in the arlo pro system does not work well. So I was trying to set up ST to arm and disarm my arlo system using my mobile phone as presence sensor, but I have not been able to figure it out.

Has anybody been successful with this?

I use life 360 as presence in a WebCore piston and it works great , far better than just using android presence .

Hi, I am new to all this, can you please elaborate a bit more?

If you download life 36app and open an account you can link it with smartthings app in and use it as a presence
Once you have got life 360 go into ST app automations , click on smartapps on top right
Scroll down to the + add smart app , scrool down to more and then scroll to bottom and there is life 360 click add


Now how to you tell Arlo to arm or disarm depending on your presence via 360 and ST?

has anybody had any success with this?