Arming and disarming other than by phone or tablet

Wow, scary! I’m glad he was OK.

You can arm and disarm with pretty much any smartthings – controlled device, just set up a routine that does the disarm, Then have that routine run when a button is pressed or a switch comes on. You will need one routine to do the arm and one routine to do the disarm, so you would need a two button device or the on/off on a switch.

The following lists all the buttons that work with SmartThings. Some are battery-operated and some are mains-powered intended for being mounted on the wall, so read the descriptions carefully.

Once you have one you like, you just assign the button to start the routine. Create a routine to set the SHM armed state to what you want. Towards the end of the set up wizard for the routine there will be an option to “automatically perform the routine when”. Select that, and then on the next page you will be able to select “when a button is pressed” and that’s where you will specify which device and which button.

The remotec 90 is a popular multibutton wall mount device. It has eight buttons and each button can do tap, double tap, and long press. It’s about the size of a single light switch, but typically mounted horizontally. The handheld minimote is also very popular. But there are a lot of choices, just see the FAQ.



If you want something with a pin pad to mount outside the home, then either the Iris keypad or the Zipato benext can work, but both are more complex to set up than just one of the button devices.

On the other hand, you can probably pick up the iris keypad at your local Lowes, so there’s that.

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