Arlo Q cameras unavailable in Smartthings but not Pro

Just this morning, all of my Arlo Q cameras were deemed unavailable by Smartthings and failed in all my routines. My Arlo Pro cameras are unaffected. In the Arlo app, the cameras operate as normal. I did notice that when viewing the Arlo Q settings in the Smartthings app, there use to be an WiFi icon, which has somehow been replaced with what looks like an ethernet adapter icon. As these are wifi cameras, I think this is part of the issue.

I have attempted already to remove and reconnect the cameras via the Arlo Smart app but to no avail. I have also attempted to reboot the cameras.

If anyone has any comments or suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it.

Edit: Through the Smartthings App, the live stream of the cameras displays correctly, but shows a header that says the camera is “unavailable.” Security and routines do not work, however.

Edit2: Hub version 18.00021

Edit3: I disabled the Device Health feature and now the Arlo Q’s function properly when used with routines. I have not tested the security yet.

Edit4: Correction, routines are not working, though the “Unavailable” notice is gone.

Edit5: As of the morning of August 18, 2017, the issue appears to have been hotfixed.

Same issue here with the only arlo q on my hub.

Exactly the same thing is happening to me. Came here hoping someone knew what was going on. Everytime was fine until this morning

excellent! all working!

Do you know what version of the firmware you are running on your hub? I’m on 18.20 (beta) and both of my Qs are functioning without an issue.

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Something must have been messed up in the last update. My hub version is 18.21 and my tiles have changed as described in the first persons original post - where the wifi signal tile has been replaced by what looks like an Ethernet port symbol

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Hmmmm, I’d contact support about it.

@Tyler Any ideas?

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Yep, same here. Started after the recent IOS app and hub firmware update. All 4 of my cameras are “unavailable” via Smartthings, but work inside the Arlo app.

i’m running 18.21 too . the Camera that isn’t running shows:
CameraConnectionState: available
Current States
switch: off
motion: active
rssi: 4
DeviceWatch-DeviceStatus: offline
camera: off
statusMessage: Active

in events it is still triggering on motion in the events stream. I cant access the video or see the icons. The “right now” page shows “the device is unavailable right now”

I’m having the same experience with my Arlo Q. My Hub v2 US is running firmware version 000.018.00021. I’ve turned off the Device Health setting as I’ve heard that it can contribute to this problem. Unfortunately, that didn’t resolve it.

The camera’s current status is:
switch: on
motion: inactive
DeviceWatch-DeviceStatus: offline
camera: on
statusMessage: Active
sound: not detected
active: Active

I can access and control the camera via the Arlo app, so the problem doesn’t lie with the camera.

Sean (SmartThings)
Aug 16, 9:59 AM MST
Dear Adrian,
Thank you very much for the update. We are currently diving into the issue to determine and implement a fix.
Please let me know if I can assist with anything else.
SmartThings Support


I have the same issue with my Arlo Q, save firmwave version as the rest. Hopefully a fix soon!

Add me to the list as well

Just FYI I am running 00.018.00021 as well, with no problems with my Arlo cameras on ST

It is only ArloQ for me. I have Arlo wirefree and ArloQ. Arlo wirefree (non-pro) are fine. I also see an updated icon of an ethernet port on my ArloQ camera in ST. I am still receiving activity in ST it just reports it as unavailable. I also went to Arlo connect SA and removed one ArloQ then added it back. It showed up as active and reported a few stats. Then a short time later it was back to unavailable. Like others they are showing fine in my Arlo app.

Same issue here. Arlo q unavailable… firmware 18.21

my second one went out this am

Hello All,

We are aware of the issue and are working with the Netgear/Arlo team to find a quick solution. Sorry for the inconvenience.



Add me too please… same issue

where do we get the beta to run?