Arlo Pro HD 2 minute recording

I’ve been going back and forth with tech support on this with no resolution. I changed the clip record time to 2 minutes in the Smart Things app and now the clips will not show. They do record in the Arlo app and the type is set to smart things in arlo. Live view works. Any ideas on how to fix this?

Arlo is having a global outage this morning. Nothing you can do until they get the system back up and running


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Interestingly I got that email about 5 minutes after posting this, however since my problem has been ongoing for over a week now it’s unrelated to the Arlo outage.

When Arlo gets back up running, maybe I can help you.
In the meantime. I think that Smartthings is setting the record length. But just in case, set it both places.
The other thing is that you don’t have a routine or custom rule that is turning the cameras off before they finish recording.


Record time is set to 2 minutes in both the Arlo app and the smart things app. I’m using the standard security routine with the Arlo motion sensor as a trigger. I’m using the standard Goodbye and I’m back routines to turn the cameras on and off. Nothing crazy.

Your mode in the Arlo app is set to Smartthings?

I use the Arlo app for capturing and keep my cameras armed all the time. They record whenever motion is detected so the clips are usually short. I do a have a rule to record from one of my cameras when my garage door opens for 2 minutes and that seems to work.

I have created a routine in Smartthings to arm my front porch camera and use that routine every morning to inform me when the mailman or a package is being delivered. It also turns on an indoor lamp so that if I am sleeping hopefully the notifications and light will wake me. I have found that if I dismiss the routine before the 2 minutes recording I have the routine set up for I get either a very short or no recording.
Don’t know if that helps.