Arlo Pro 3 and webcore

I’ve tried searching but can’t find anything

I’m thinking of buying the Arlo Pro 3 system.

Just wondering if I could trigger the siren and light on the camera from webcore or smartthings?

I’ve got vibration sensors on my windows. If it detects vibration I would like to activate the siren and light but only for 5 seconds. Something which can’t be achieved through the Arlo app.


Arlo Pro 3 is currently not supported in smartthings. So at this time I would image this would not work.

Any update(s) on the status of Arlo Pro 3 compatibility with ST?

I don’t see much, if any, recent discussion on this topic… Am I searching this forum incorrectly? It seems to me this would be a hot topic… I can’t be the only one to purchase the Arlo Pro 3 only to discover after the fact it’s not compatible with ST.

There’s no word from Arlo, they just keep saying we would like it to work with all smart integrations.

Ive managed to make something work for me. But it’s a bit involved. But does work and hardly any lag.

I’ve used a combination of IFTTT, smart things, tasker, sharptools, Alexa and webcore. Got a few more services planned for added functionality too.

My setup is as follows;

I’ve got smart notifications and motion zones setup in the Arlo app.
Then I use tasker to catch the smart notifications and sharptools to turn on a virtual switch in smarthings when my phone gets a notification.
From there I use webcore and IFTTT to turn on the camera alarm if motion is detected when I’m asleep or away from home and turn on lights etc for security.

Bit messy and everything is processed in “the cloud” but better than nothing

Well, I can’t express how disappointed I am in the lack of compatibility/support. I should have done better research before my purchase.

What I want to do is turn cameras on/off based on my alarm mode.

Smart Home Monitor armed (stay or away) = all cameras on
Smart Home Monitor disarmed = three cameras off, one camera on

Any ideas?

I’m planning to do something similar.

IFTTT doesn’t support turning on/off cameras

The only way I can think at the moment. Is to use geofence mode in Arlo.

Keep an android phone/tablet permanently in the house switched on.

Install tasker and fake location plugin. Then get tasker to mimic a fake location far away from your house when your smarthings mode changes.

That way the Arlo app can automatically change from armed to a custom mode based on smarthings automatically.

Without direct support, you’ll either need to come up with some dodgy idea or just remember to do it manually in the Arlo app.

Yeah… Just extremely frustrated such a good product won’t work with ST. Thanks for the suggestion!