(Arlo new c2c integration) ON/OFF capabilities removed

Hi There SmartThings team!

Can we please re-add the ON/OFF capabilities of the camera devices in Arlo? the new c2c integration (when the devices appear as placeholders as deviceType, the network ID shows as Arlo|:camera|:undefined ) doesnt have the same functionality as the Groovy based API.

And its weird, the name it gets set (c2c-arlo-go-switch) implies switching capabilities, but in my case there’s no On/Off function, and my Arlo is actually an Arlo Pro 2, not an Arlo Go as the name implies.

Can you please check the integration and make sure the features that were present on Groovy based API, are properly migrated to the new c2c API?



You might get a better chance if you post this question in this topic:

Have a read an you will might will see an answer already as well.

Heya Gabor,

I’ve already replied in that thread before your answer (found the post after this one), thanks :slight_smile: