Arlo Integration Pro5

So, with Arlo EOL announcements, I had to upgrade my Arlo Cameras. Got rid of several Pro and Pro 2 devices and added Essential wired, Essential Wireless and Pro 5s devices. The Essential Wired and wireless devices show up with no problem. The Pro5 units do not show up at all.

Any idea how to make them work?

The integration is now owned by Arlo, so you should ask their support. :thinking:

Thanks. Did all that. Pro 5 cameras don’t show up.

Even removed all cameras, unlinked and started over.

Pro 4, essential and essential wireless cameras show up. Pro 5 do not.

I have a ticket started with Arlo support now.

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Arlo Pro 5 isnt Smartthings compatible yet. Supposedly they are working on it but no ETA.

As an update, I randomly checked today and the pro 5 devices now are showing up!