Arlo Giveaway

Hi Everyone,

Try your luck with chance to win Arlo Smart Security System with 4 Arlo Cameras (VMS3430). For details, see

How do we enter?

Click the link and read the directions ?

4. How to Enter: During the Sweepstakes Period, the Sponsor will post a message about this Sweepstakes on the SmartThings Community and email the SmartThings user database. To enter the Sweepstakes users will only need to enter their email address on the linked field

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Is that the one in the upper right that says “Stay connected”?
Or the one at the bottom that says “Sign up for exclusive Deals, Tips and News”??
Or is it something I’m unable to see on my iPad?

Yes/NO. Yes enter your email in either one of those spots to join in the ST mailing list. Then wait for the email and click the link to enter the drawing.

Yes, I agree with @bdavison2011, the instructions are not very clear. I am unable to identify the the linked field where we need to enter the email :frowning:

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How can we email the SmartThings user database?
Where is the linked field on the page to enter our email address?

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There is a spot at the top and at the bottom to sign up for updates. Enter your email address to sign up for ST updates & offers ( join the subscriber database ). If you are on the email subscriber list you should get an email " during the contest period" to enter it.

Got it, thanks for clarifying @RLDreams. Good luck

The email I got said they would choose the winner on 12/12/16. The link shows it’s open from 12/7/16 thru 12/14/16 and choose the winner on 12/16/16.

Typical Smartthings. Get it kinda right and publish. Work out the kinks when the end user finds them.

Figures, the entry went right to my spam folder and I didn’t get to enter. Sigh.

Do we have a winner? I didn’t see one announced.