Arlo camera optimization

I have a set of Arlo cameras in my yard and I´d like to optimize their battery life.
I got 1 wired camera in front yard which is always on and it turns on my main door and backdoor cameras when it detects a motion. That part works great, but what I´d like to achieve is that my door cameras turns off if there´s no motion in them in a certain time, which I cannot get to work with my “no motion > turn off the cameras” routine. I also have a hue motion detectors near cameras and I tried to make routine based on those but it won´t neither turn off the cameras. Both routines work when I test them but they don´t run automatically.
Is it so that motion detector should have detected motion first before it can send a no motion status or why doesn´t my routines work? Is there any alternative methods?

Assuming these are SmartThings routines, a screenshot would be helpful.

Yes, SmartThings but it´s in Finnish so I didn´t bother :smiley:
But the routine is simple as IF hue motion sensor : no movement THEN arlo : turn off without any fancy trickery. I´ve also tried several variations with both arlo and hue motion sensors but no luck.

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This is most likely your problem. I’ve got an old Samsung-branded PIR motion sensor. The only time it sends a “no motion” event is when motion ceases after it detected motion. You should be able to see this if you look at the History tab of your camera or motion detector device in the SmartThings app

Here’s my turn-off routine for outside lights.

Yes, this exactly was the problem and I had to make routine trigger with those separate motion sensors so I could make the cameras to work similar way I wanted.

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