Arlo cam to TV

so far i have set up the following

trigger task on tasker (widget at the moment)
send auto remote message to eventghost
eventghost opens chrome browser to arlo webpage
then automates keypress to cast web page to my tv

all is good that end

the next step i want to do is set up intergration to ST

basically i would like the following,

when arlo cam motion detected
send auto remote message

can anyone help with the best way to do this?

i have sharptools, IFTTT, ect.


What options have you considered for getting the Arlo Cam motion detected event?

not many. im defiantly open to ideas

Instead of (or as well as) using the widget, could you just have Sharptools subscribe to the motion events of your Arlo to trigger the Tasker profile? I’ve not worked with Arlo cams in Sharptools yet but I have just checked and they are an option to add as a thing to Sharptools.

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yeah i did download sharptools. my arlo hasnt been delivered yet so cant test it out.

i have set up a test, where im using motion from a ST sensor. So when sharptools detects motion it runs tasker and sends autoremote msg to eventghost, then runs the EG task of opening chrome and casts tab to my tv.

so far so good!

i have also set up ‘ok google, show me the cameras’ and also runs the task.

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