Arlec/ Grid Connect downlight integration

Just posted this in another thread but it is probably out of place where I posted so I’ll copy here.
After much frustration I have finally got an Arlec downlight from Bunnings working with smartthings.
Here is what I did:
I removed the device from Grid Connect then added to the Tuya Smart Life app. I created two tap to run options in Tuya - one to turn on and the other to turn off.
Open smart things and select add new device; choose Tuya under brands and the tap to run switches will appear in your chosen room; next, create an automation in Smartthings - if: tap to run OFF switch is on, then turn tap to run ON switch off.
Doing this makes the off switch now work to switch the light both on and off while showing the correct status of the light. You can hide the on switch in the smartthings panel but don’t delete it because it is required for the Smartthings automation to work this way.