Are you kidding me

I have to say, I rarely post in forums especially out of frustration, but I just received my Smart Things Hub V2 today and what the is up with this? I can only control things in a very basic manner. I can’t group Hue light bulbs. I can turn them off individually but then can’t turn them back on. I can’t control anything from my PC. Smarttiles doesn’t seem to do anything. The APP is completely confusing but somehow only allows the most basic of functionality unless it is using some other app (lazy). The IDE page gives a 500 error whenever I try to do anything. It also makes me log on again every time I navigate to anything. The only smart app template that the IDE allows me to view is the Alfred app but why would it matter I would just get a 500 error if I tried to add anything.

Maybe I should have gotten a Vera. Or stuck with my open source controller.

My question is:
Is this really how this is? Is it just because the hub v.2 and new app was just released or has it always been this bad?


You have something else going on that’s making your experience bad for you.

2 Likes - let them know, they are trained to help . . . It seems you have another issue as no user has ever really reported anything like that before, also search the community for each topic you mentioned for more info if you have little luck with support, which will be unlikely as they are very supportive and responsive . Welcome aboard

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This part is correct, the Android app can be made to run on a Mac/PC through chrome though. Welcome to the post PC world.


If you have SmartTiles open anywhere and try to access the IDE you will get the login prompt each time you move around the IDE.
Close Smartiles. Log into IDE. Viola. Problem solved.

What do you recommend for an app if you do this yourself? I see Airdroid, others?

The android app is the only version i know of than can run on a Mac/PC, i did run it on my mac for a while, but i don’t like being tied to it to get stuff done, just my personal preference.
If you want to know how its done:


The Lifehacker article was as usual spot on, and your pointer to it is very appreciated, thank you @sidjohn1.

Love having SmartThings sitting on my desktop. If only it auto updated, but it’s a one minute process to do it myself.

Sorry for the hijack, carry on!

Thanks for all of the replies. I had heard that thw community support is great which apparently is true.

I let my frustrations get the best of me last night. I was so looking forward to this just working. I guess it is never that easy. It is good to hear that it should not be this complicated and will keep working at it.


It doesn’t help you at all, but in my defense, check this out…

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That too. This is noted here .

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I just did this… it’s glorious… At some point I’ll venture into SmartTiles but… this is awesome!