Are Xioami Motion Sensors any good? (UK)

I know that in the USA cheap Chinese brand Xiaomi smart human body sensors work if correct device handler is downloaded. Has anyone in the UK bought any of these devices and added to ST. I don’t want to buy them then find they don’t work.

Many UK members have them as well, in fact some of the early DTH’s were contributed by UK members.

Xioami did not intend their sensors to be used with any hub other than their own gateway, and even though some models are certified they can be somewhat idiosyncratic. In particular, they don’t work well with most zigbee repeaters.

One notable exception is the Tradfri smart line from IKEA. Both the smart bulbs and the plug-in pocket socket work well as zigbee repeaters with SmartThings, including for the xioami devices. ( The buttons and handheld remotes in the Tradfri line only have partial integration with SmartThings so far, but the bulbs and the pocket socket work well.)

You can get more information, including from multiple UK members, in the following thread

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US user here. I initially had a few of Xiaomi sensors setup with the device handler. Smartthings kept dropping them, and as the user above mentioned, they don’t play nicely with repeaters. Moving my hub to a better location and intentionally positioning the antenna helped immensely with the dropping issue. There’s diagrams floating around for the Smartthings hub v1 antenna layout - V2 hub uses the same layout. Ultimately, I moved them off of the Smartthings platform and got a Xiaomi hub tied into That’s been much better for me regarding reliability, ease of pairing, and speed.