Are X10 devices supported

I have many X10 devices that automate lights and close the garage door and sense people coming to my front door etc. I would like a new technology and a bridge to X10. Is this supported?

The SmartThings hub does not communicate directly with X10 devices.

A couple of the more technical community members, the kind who are comfortable discussing port options and running their own web servers, have come up with different bridging methods. All involve at least one additional piece of hardware and considerable programming experience.

So it can be done, but requires technical expertise. There’s no simple off the shelf solution.



X10 is also very breakable, no battery monitoring. One new plug-in phone charger or chinese LED and the signal propagation turns to … bad. It’s cheap for a couple reasons. Yep I’m also still using the Hawkeyes for cheap outside monitoring - incredibly cheap.

I’m nursing the last few X10 addresses in my old network, down to 3 out of 20+, and it’s SOOOO much better to go with a modern protocol. FYI I have/had X10 repeaters/boosters, filters, Jeff Volpe signal analyzer, oscilliscopes - it all added up to 99% reliability in a good month - still annoying and you STILL don’t get battery monitoring. More work less fun IMO.


I got x10 working and it was easier than anything I have seen so far… I am going to post this on a few of the fours that asked about x10 and smartthings (so some of you may see this post twice) Enjoy my first Smartthings video

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I run a couple dozen X10 devices through SmartThings, but it is very involved. I had to purchase an X10 wireless repeater and a Raspberry pi, then program the Rpi to run mochad gateway software.

I was able to find (most of) the help I needed by scouring different people’s project websites, but none of them offered all the information I needed, and with Raspberry pi running Linux, you should be prepared to Google a LOT to find out how to configure networking, automate the mochad software, back up your configurations, etc.

NOT for the faint of heart, as I was a UNIX admin in a former life and still found it frustrating.

Be aware that X10 does not provide feedback as to whether the action was successful or not. It just sends out the X10 command “over the wire”, and sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t. So if you’re automating things while you’re away, you may not have a means to know if the actions were successful.


I did something similar using HA-Bridge with Mochad. HA-Bridge emulates a Hue bridge on your local network, so this method not only works with Smartthings but Alexa and Google Home etc can also directly discover X-10 devices.