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Are USA Sylvania Lightify Lightify ZLL or ZHA?

(Jimmy) #1

It’s been so long since I installed these, and I was using a custome device handler, but want to switch to the default for the beta so I can try the new local handlers. Are the US Lightify bulbs ZLL or ZHA?


Fairly sure I’ve read on here that they are ZHA in the US.

(Tom Manley) #3

That’s correct. The US versions are HA so they should use the ZigBee * versions of the DTHs.

(Logan Marshall) #4

Osram lightify/sylvania smart + usa ZHA/UK is ZLL
Hue usa/Canada ZLL
Cree connected usa/Canada ZLL

Ecosmart usa/Canada ZHA
Sengled usa/Canada ZHA (newest bulb is ZHA1.2.1)
Centralite usa/Canada ZHA
Ge jasco usa/Canada zigbee ZHA

Hope that helps!!!