Are there any zigbee or zwave outlets that default to ON after losing power?

Most smart lightbulbs turn onto full white after power is restored. The manufacturers believe that this is what most people would expect if they mistakenly turned the power off at the switch. We are starting to see some bulbs that give you a choice (Hue is in the process of implementing this right now), but in any case if you want this, you can definitely get it from a smart bulb. However, you should be aware that these bulbs are designed to always have current. Flipping them on and off at the switch can cause them to be damaged by the inrush current each time the power comes back on. An occasional power outage won’t be a problem, hope flipping them on and off every day will definitely shorten the lifespan of these bulbs, so the manufacturers do not recommend it.

As far as the pocket sockets and outlets go, there is an FAQ for that. There is one model listed there which has the behavior you are looking for. So just read the FAQ (this is a clickable link)