Are there any Smart LED Dimmers Available?

I am getting a LED light for my aquarium and it uses this manual dimmer. I want to replace it with some smart one. All the dimmers I have seen so far cant take that much load.

Well, for starters, that “dimmer” is a DC rheostat. Where have you seen smart rheostats for controlling DC at any load?

Oh, I was not aware of it. The seller sent me this module picture and said he will be using it in the lights. so is there any way i can make the system smart?

Possibly this one at Solid Apollo: or the Qubino 0-10V Flush Dimmer:

I’ve not used either one - and I can’t find any links in the community for how they might integrate into ST - but my guess is they’d use the generic ZWave Dimmer… I think the Qubino is out of spec for your need. Your mileage May Vary.

thanks, I will check them out