Are there any costs incurred when selling SmartThings products to consumers after developing them?


We develop SmartThings products and try to sell them to consumers.

After developing SmartThings products, the certification cost is already known as it is displayed on the development site.

Other than the certification fee, what costs are incurred when selling SmartThings products? Or does it cost nothing?

For example, do I have to pay a certain fee to SmartThings every time I sell a product?

Or is there a SmartThings product registration fee?

We ask if we need to pay a SmartThings usage fee when using the SmartThings server and app.

If you know any of the questions above, please answer them, or let me know where to ask.

thank you

You should probably email the company dev resource group with this question.

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Thanks, @Automated_House!

Yes, @kidol3. Please, send us an email and please include which type of devices you want to certify as Works With SmartThings (Zigbee, Z-Wave, LAN, Direct-Connected, etc.)

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