Are the reports of Aqara Temperature sensors configurable?

I have three Aqara sensors and I’m using a driver developed in the community to connect it to my smarthub.

However, I want to use them integrated in routines, to provide commands for some other devices and power outlets in the house. My problem, though, is that I have not been able to configure the time interval between reports, nor the “delta” in temperature/humidity to be reported.

What I mean is that the sensors “report when they report” and I don’t seem to be able to control that. But I need faster response sometimes, or even to be able to “request” a reading from the smarthings app.

So, I have two questions built in one:

  1. Are those report configurable? Will I need a different driver for them?
  2. If they are not, can someone point to a different brand/model that would give me configurable reports (either by timer or variation)??

Thanks on advance.

Bumping because I’m in the same boat.

I want to control a heater using routines but I need more temperature readings per hour

Have tried using a “Refresh” automation (rule) using SharpTools? You could set it to refresh and update the devices every 5 min. or so. I use it to force my Honeywell Thermostat and SwitchBot Temperature/Humidity sensor to update more often.