Are the options in routines connected via AND or OR?

so for example if I say turn on the lights at sunset. if I add the arrival of a presence sensor does it mean: at this time and the sensor arrives or at this time or the sensor arrives? and is this changeable?
and how I can say do X at this time but not when sensor is already present, not arriving.


What app are you using to create this rule? It may be one I’m not familiar with. From what you have said so far this may be a situation when changing house modes may help you.

I assume the title is referring to routines? With that. The condition is OR. For your case. I would use Smart lighting smartapp. You can have multiple instances of the app and it’s much easier to manage with lights, sunrise/sunset, presence. There is also a beta smartapp called CoRE and it’s very powerful but at the same time very user friendly.

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I am using the built-in routines. no SmartApps.

I am going to have to look into that. I still have to wrap my head around SmartApps. Seems a bit redundant to me. It’s obviously not because there is usually much more functionality involved but I don’t quiet understand the difference between the two. Why can’t this functionality be available in routines? Question for a different post.
CoRE looks interesting. I will play with it.

I have not tried that myself yet. There certainly are some apps out there that provide you more rule making options in one rule as opposed to multiple instances of a routine. There is another one out there I think is called simple rules or something like that. It’s not free, but does provide for multiple conditions to be considered.

I think the reason for routines to be that limited is because ST doesn’t want a typical user to be overwhelmed with difficult setup. Just look at this way. Routine is like the stock IOS apps and smartapps are all the apps in the appstore. I use routine to change modes and SHM. Everything else with smartapps. You guys have to get into smartapps. It’s the only reason why ST is great. Especially CoRe at the beta stage. It will be the only smartapp you will ever need.

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I’m going to look into CORE myself soon. I just got the last of my fan switches installed today and I need additional rule setting ability to have the cealing fans working when and how I want based on temp and presences.

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I still have a few devices to troubleshoot and a couple more to install but SmartApps sound like the way to go.

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so I found a version of CoRE on Git. Beta M1. I didn’t find it in the template list.
I created a new SmartApp and copied and pasted the code. I don’t see it in the phone app. So is everything configured from the dev page/ api?
i can set it for my location but everything i click after that just spins the wheel

This is the author’s thread for CORE. Follow the instructions there.

You can also ask any follow-up questions about core there. :sunglasses: