Are non-custom SmartApps "Speaker Companion" and "Notify When Something Is Left Open" both going to stop working?

hi there, i am using the non-custom smartapps supplied by ST in the app called “Speaker Companion” and “Notify When”. are they going to be discontinued after the change over?

if so, can someone suggest how to duplicate their functionality?

i use Speaker Companion to play music on my Sonos when i get home (geolocation). and to STOP anything playing on Sonos when i leave home (geolocation). it will also say “there is someone at the front door” if the front door motion sensor sees motion, then will change the colour of my lamps to red.

i use Notify When Something Is Left Open to let me know if the garage has been open for longer than 30 minutes, and it sends a push notification.

if anyone can make some recommendations i’d appreciate it, thank you!

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yes, both will cease.

you may want to check if SharpTools can manage this.

Routines can do this but they do not do repeating push notifications as followups to the initial notification. It is one and done!

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@mrsmartypants I believe you can get repeating push notifications using SharpTools with PushOver.

Pushover has some really neat native features for recurring notifications and requiring acknowledgements. It’s also really simple to setup from a SharpTools rule as you just need to set the priority of the notification high enough and Pushover automatically takes care of the repetition/acknowledgement.

That being said, I’ve also seen some SharpTools community members using creative approaches using variables and delays to send recurring reminder notifications for other notification types as well. :slight_smile:

so it appears as though routines can do everything now that those SmartApps did, EXCEPT for playing specific music when i get home. routines can only send a STOP or PLAY command.

Speaker Companion let you SPECIFY which media to play on Sonos. do you know if SharpTools can do this?

I’m not familiar with how Speaker Companion works, but yes, SharpTools can specify which media you want to play on Sonos speakers. You can either use favorites/presets or pass a path to a valid media file.

is there a guide for ST users on SharpTools on this forum on how to install it, etc? i haven’t heard of it before.

what is it exactly? sorry for the dumb question :slight_smile:

You can access it at

SharpTools offers a Dashboard and Rule Engine, but we’re referring to using the Rule Engine to setup the desired automations. :slight_smile: