Are Logs Downloadable?

I’d like to store the logs of the events locally. Is there any way to download the logs?

I would think IFTTT could help here.

Are you looking for debugging logs or status logs like opening and closing events?

Edward - Thanks for the reply. The more I use (and like) ST, the more I’d like to hack up some code. I can think of situations where I’d like to go back and review the logs, especially when dealing with more complex sequences. My preference would be to have the log files locally. I when through the API last night and didn’t see what I was looking for.

Currently, (guys here on the board please correct me if I am wrong), I do not think there is a way currently to do this. Normally I just keep a tab open to the IDE for the logs, and run the code after of course doing the simulator. I hope that they will be updating this in the future (@ben what of it man?)

I’ll add this to the improvements slated for the IDE: