Are Delayed Actions with GE Enbrighten Z-Wave Plus Bulbs a Known Issue?

I have been troubleshooting a particular lighting automation for a while. It involves one of these bulbs, webCoRE, and Alexa, by way of an Echo Button.

I have several Echo Buttons in my HA infrastructure; doing various kinds of things.
Other than this one, they all seem to be working just fine, and the range of what I have them doing is pretty wide.

However, with this one (nothing more than an ON/OFF task), it’s been giving me a lot of trouble with delays, and sometimes not working at all.

I have done a BUNCH of troubleshooting (to the point of totally and completely removing everything involved with the relevant automation), and it’s still doing the same thing (revealing further that I’m just an idiot and have no real idea what the heck this thing is actually doing).

For some reason, I became convinced that the problem was coming from the Alexa integration.
However, when I sat still for a moment and paid attention to what was going on, I could see that Alexa was passing on the trigger from the Echo Button through my Alexa Routine just fine.

Today I finally narrowed it down to what seems like the last possible culprit…

I just added an IKEA ‘puck’ dimmer (the round one that ya spin to activate) to the mix.
Well, with this new dimmer switch in place (using simply its ON/OFF capability), even though it seems to be working, there is quite often a very long delay (sometimes 10 seconds or more) between the time when I flick the switch and when the Enbrighten bulb responds with the appropriate ON or OFF action.

Unless somebody can show me something else that’s going on, I am only left with one conclusion; that the delay is happening either in the Enbrighten bulb, or in its integration with SmartThings.

I did a little research on the forum, but the only thing I found was a problem with Enbrighten stuff completely falling off the network (which I have experienced at least once myself).

Has anyone else seen this delay issue?
Is this a known problem?

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