Arduino SmartThings Shield availability in UK?

Seems that the Arduino SmartThings Shield click here for full details is only available in the USA and Canada. When will this be available in the UK? (the Smartthings shop will not ship to the UK, I’ve asked.)

I suspect it’s using boosted power for zigbee which is not legal in the EU. This is the usual reason a US/Canada Zigbee device cannot be shipped to the UK, but a UK zigbee device can be used in the US. The frequencies are the same, it’s just the actual amount of power output which is regulated differently.

I don’t know if there any plans to eventually make a UK version, it will probably depend on demand.

I hope the shield is made available over here. I’m just looking into using an Xbee series 2 with the zigbee firmware. Its a lot of code to make the pair happen and the zigbee HA stack is fairly large. I plan to use it with a .NET Microframework micro-controller based storm lantern that I’m making for my wife. Colour selection, auto on off and suchlike.

Someone seems quite happy to sell them on Ebay - see here for details - quite a markup for a $35 device!

Understood, just be aware their use may be illegal in the EU if they have power output above EU ceilings. They don’t have CE certification.