Arduino Shield Help

So my goal was to shed loads when the house becomes
vacant. So bought a ST shield and a bunch of AC rated relays. I live in a
very hot climate so almost every-room in the house has a ceiling fan.
Oddly enough even the bathrooms. Well the fans are like the equivalent
of a 100watt light bulb running all the time. So my goal was to when we
leave have ST turn off said fans. Now here is where i admit that i am
still learning how to code arduino. I have tons of experience in
assembly but little in C. So thought i would start off simple. I loaded a
sketch from the ST arduino library. Now unless i misunderstood the
documentation once the sketch is loaded i should be able to control the
LED on D13 from the app. Well no such luck.

Which Arduino board are you using? Are you using individual relays or something like a SainSmart board ? Please post your sketch and let the community know what you need help with?