Arduino or raspberry

I am new to Arduino and Raspberry but I know that we can do many things with those. I want to start learning and for that I will be buying some stuff in a store I have just located. The question is which one integrates the best with smartthings, what models and where I can find documentation related?

@ogiewon is our Community expert on integration (I think of both Arduino MCUs and Raspberry).

As to which is best, it really depends on what you are building. Raspberry is overkill for nearly any IoT endpoint. An Arduino MCU + WiFi (or XBee) can communicate very well with SmartThings Hubs.

Just look at what @heythisisnate has accomplished with the hybrid Arduino-WiFi MCU (esp8266) to build his company and product (directly integrates with SmartThings, Home Assistant, and more) -


I would stick with boards that run the ESP8266, ESP8285 or ESP32 platform. Some good ones are Adafruit Feather Huzzah, NodeMCU (from MANY companies online), Wemos D1 Mini’s and their clones, etc. These will have the wifi built in so no need for additional modules. Also, they run on 5v instead of 9-12 and use a standard micro usb cable. So, you can power them with an old cell phone charger. Take a look at the ST_Anything project and the OmniThing Project. The folks up here on the forum are going to be a HUGE help. If your background isn’t in coding though, don’t expect yourself to learn it overnight. It can be very frustrating sometimes to get something to work that you know should but it just won’t. Take from someone’s who’s felt like through some of this stuff out the window and giving up entirely on it. :grin: