Arduino Mega 2650 $16

I bought a couple of these recently to go with my smartthings micro-controller. They appear to be genuine and only $16

I should point out that I received them and they appear as pictured (I asked the seller before I ordered).


That’s a good price for a genuine Arduino, especially with free shipping and the cable included.

If you have a Micro Center where you live you can get the Inland clone version…which works just as well as the original (I have a couple of them)…for $9.99.

Micro Center: Inland Arduino Mega 2560

They also sell Inland’s Uno R3 clone for $5.99, and their Pro Mini clone for $3.99 (both also work as well as the true Arduinos).

Yeah I have seen ones that look like that or just say 2650 for 9.99 on ebay direct from China.