Aqara Temp probe - how to link to SmartThings (Newbie Question!)

Hi all,
I’ve recently bought one of these…

I can link it to my smart things but I must need to install some kind of additional software/driver.
I’m in the UK can anyone help please?

Thank you!!

Take a look at this tread

Thank you very much for this. got 'em working.

Hi, I have the same device and cannot get it to work. I was messing around with it at first and it appeared in ST as Thing but it didn’t have any options for reading temperature. Not a surprise because I hadn’t got any device handler for it. I then found a YouTube video of how to get the device handler but I didn’t have the settings option in the IDE that he did. Because i couldn’t link the repository, I copied the code and created a DH from code. This created a DH for me but i couldn’t link it to the Aqara temp sensor. I hadn’t realised I needed to publish it! I couldn’t see what to do with it so removed the temp sensor, with a view to, “if I re-add it, it should possibly pick up the DH”. Then I realised that the DH wasn’t published, so I published it for me. Now, I can’t get the temp sensor back into ST. Any advice?

Asked this question too early! Sorted it. In case this info is of use to anyone else, without having done this previously, I selected scan, in the ST app and then clicked the temp sensor button once, quickly, and I got 3 flashes in return, indicating it was on the network (thanks to @videobelu for the link that gave me the pairing lights info).