Aqara Smart Wall Switch Aqara WS-USC02

hello all. can purchased this device and wondering how it connects to ST. is a hub absolutely required? or can it be connected direct to a tablet or phone via ST? i found only 1 other topic concerning WS-USC02 and it looks like someone began a troubleshoot in a Dev’s thread about the QBKG03LM.

i tried installing STclassic 2.20.1 to see if i could experiment with adding things and custom code, but the app wouldnt let me get past the login. saying that i was already logged in, and the Continue button just gave me an error message.

the new ST app doesnt see the switch and most other device categories state that i need a hub. im not looking to get a hub for only 4 devices if i can help it. thanks in advance all.

That version has been shut down.

You will need a ST hub (rebranded by Aoetec now) in order to connect zigbee or z-wave devices to the platform.

ok, but the Aqara device says i need an Aqara hub, do i need both hubs? or does the Aqara hub talk to the ST app ?

The question should be does it work with the ST hub and from what I have seen, it may not…

You can purchase the Aquara hub but there is no integration between it and ST at this point.

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well, thats a problem. my options seem to be limited maybe even null, due to not having a neutral wire in my old wiring.