Aqara Motion sensor lux readings

I do not use edge driver. It’s too new for me. Where can I read more, learn more about edge?

This might help

FAQ: I have no idea what Edge is. Is that a new developer tool? (2022)

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I can confirm it is working like a charm, and the lux reporting is sent out every 5 minutes regardless of motion detection. I could read 7500 yesterday in direct sun.

Hello, Does the lighting sensor work in automations in the RTCGQ11LM? (the lighting detection sensor detects the brightness for me, but it does not work in automations) thanks

Hello Mads. I got the P1 working with a driver. How have you set up yours to measure lux without movement?


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Peter, I’ve been working for the last 24hrs trying to get my p1 to work with ST… can you share your driver or process please? … Pretty please! :grin:

The driver is named zibee Sensors edge driver (YG) 1.8.0


Thanks boss, that fixed my problem!!!


Can you please let us know how did you manage that? I got bunch of them, all using 2 different EDGE drivers but none reporting without motion detected and some stuck at 0 all the time.