Aqara HomeKit Camera (US Version), $17 off coupon

Aqara has just made their new HomeKit camera Available on Amazon in the US version ( English language, US server) and the always detailed HomeKit News site has a coupon code for $17 off the $69.99 price.

Make sure the seller is Aqara Direct or they won’t honor the warranty because of the number of counterfeits out there.

This is a really interesting small camera. No pan or tilt, but it has an adjustable magnetic base. It also has a bunch of features: you can flatten the fisheye effect, choose any of 24 tiny zones to record, there’s sound detection and two way audio. And HomeKit secure video.

It also has a built in aqara zigbee 3.0 hub, so you can connect up to 32 aqara sensors And other devices to it, which then become immediately usable in Homekit.

No Alexa integration. No direct smartthings integration but if you are using homebridge you can get good integration that way.

I haven’t previously used aqara devices, but with the US server and the HomeKit integration, I may try some.

The Wyze pan and tilt camera is a better deal if looked at just as a camera, and of course it has Alexa integration, But if you’re already using HomeKit then the Aqara is a very interesting option.

Note that since Zigbee devices can usually only belong to one network, you can’t simultaneously connect the same sensor to both HomeKit via the camera and to SmartThings. But you can use homebridge if you do want some integration. And if you want to take advantage of HomeKit secure video, this is a good candidate.

Anyway, an interesting new device.

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discount $17 code can be found on the Aqara ‘homekit news and reviews’ webpage. Camera is $70 on amazon before the $17 discount code.

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