Aqara FP1 P1 Motion Sensor not adding

Same functions plus “reset precense status,” button. Also official driver doesn’t have temperature readings and you can’t set the sensor to monitor “left to right”.


I have one P1 motion sensor working perfectly with “YG” drivers.
The I added in FP1 motion, and with “YG” driver was working fine for 5 days, now presence sensor is always present, is stuck. With the default happens the same.
Once the presence is detected never disappear. (works always the first time after reintegrate at AEOTEC hub).
Any idea?


Try to relocate the sensor, they are very sensitive, put it far away from windows or fans.

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@nmarto using the “YG” driver, instead of using present\not present for automations, use enter\leave and see if that gives you 100% reliability and speed.

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@AurElHA The relocation is helping until now. It was just in front a window (window on the back).
But seems that a screen at 50cm when turned on, some times, have some interference ( present status always active).
The sensor is very sensible :slight_smile:
Thank you.

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Using the edge driver, will I be able to set different automations based on different zones in the room (like the grids from the Aqara app)? Currently deciding whether to get a FP1 sensor and have no idea whether it’s for me.

P.s: Based on what you’ve stated, it means that the official driver does not support automations based on specific zones correct?

Just to be clear, FP1 doesn’t have multiple zones detection feature (neither in the Aqara App), you are probably talking about FP2 that does have those features, but currently, there is not edge driver to support it, but Aqara confirmed at the end of last year they will be soon compatible with SmartThings.


I see… I thought the older model might support different zones. Thanks for letting me know

The aqara FP one (the Zigbee version). Definitely does have multiple zone support, but only if you are not using it as a fall detector. So it may depend on your configuration.

If you do have it set up for multiple zones, those work in the aqara app, Apple home, MQTT, and home assistant. I don’t know if they work with SmartThings, though.

Here’s the aqara app

And here’s a video showing lots of details about having multiple zones (which were called “regions“ in the original English translation.)

Maybe the custom edge driver you’re using is using the configuration where there’s only one zone?

Anyway, again, sorry: I don’t know exactly what works in SmartThings. But I know the FP1 does have multiple zone support in the right configuration. :thinking: